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Welcome, GraalVM for JDK 22! 🚀

This brings new GraalVM features and improvements, as well as access to Java 22 features, in one JDK.


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Low Resource Usage

Native executables use only a fraction of memory and CPU resources required by a JVM, which improves utilization and reduces costs.
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Improved Security

Native executables contain only the classes, methods, and fields that your application needs, which reduces attack surface area.
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Fast Startup

Native executables compiled ahead of time start up instantly and require no warmup to run at peak performance.
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Compact Packaging

Native executables are small and offer a range of linking options that make them easy to deploy in minimal container images.
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Supported by Frameworks

Popular frameworks such as Spring Boot, Micronaut, Helidon, and Quarkus provide first-class support for GraalVM.
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Supported by Leading Cloud Platforms

SDKs from leading cloud platforms such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, GCP, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure integrate and support GraalVM.

Native Image

Write efficient, more secure, and highly-scalable cloud native Java applications.

Using GraalVM

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IDE and Java Tool Support

Use your favorite Java IDE and development tools, and then compile your application ahead-of-time into an executable with GraalVM Native Image. It's just a seamless extra step in your development process.
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Maven and Gradle Plugins

The Native Build Tools provide Maven and Gradle plugins that make it easy to compile your applications ahead-of-time as part of your build process.
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JUnit 5 Support

Test your native applications with JUnit test support compiled ahead-of-time.
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Native Debugging with GDB

Set breakpoints, step through Java sources line-by-line, and inspect variables in a native executable with GDB and in supported IDEs.
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Package & Deploy

Small and Efficient Containers

Native executables are ideal for use with light-weight container images that minimize attack surface area to improve security. A statically-linked native executable can even run in a scratch container image!
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Support for JFR, JMX, and more

Monitor native executables with the same tools you use for applications deployed on the JVM. Native executables can optionally include support for JFR, JMX, heap dumps, jvmstat, and more.

More GraalVM Technologies

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Graal JIT Compiler

Use the GraalVM JDK with the optimizing Graal just-in-time (JIT) compiler to increase your Java application performance.
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Additional Languages

Extend your Java applications with code written in other languages or accelerate other languages with GraalVM.

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