Facebook, a heavily visited social media platform, uses Java in areas such as big data (Spark, Presto, etc.), backend services, and mobile. Facebook decided to evaluate GraalVM as a Java runtime. By just switching to GraalVM, without any code changes, they managed to accelerate Spark workloads around 10%-42% and reduce memory and CPU usage.


Twitter, one of the most visible social networks, runs ~1,000s of JVMs in multiple datacenters. The company was looking into ways to increase availability of the platform while keeping an eye on costs. Twitter saw GraalVM as an optimizing compiler and JVM, and tried it. Running the Tweet service on GraalVM, Twitter has achieved 8-11% CPU saving while requiring 18% fewer machines.

standard chartered

Standard Chartered Bank, an international banking and financial company, uses mostly Java for development and looked for a way to make Java applications start fast, adapt for cloud deployments, and streamline their CI/CD pipeline. To improve applications performance and make them cloud native, the engineering team considered using GraalVM Enterprise as a Java runtime.


NetSuite provides a set of cloud-based business management services encompassing ERP, Financials, CRM and e-commerce for more than 19,000 organizations. The engineering team, working on its next gen recommendation system, used GraalVM and grCUDA to build fast and highly accurate machine learning models within their existing Java application.


Alibaba, a multinational e-commerce company, uses the Native Image technology of GraalVM to statically compile microservices applications into ELF executable files which results in faster native code startup times for Java applications. Their engineering team is deploying a number of SOFABoot applications compiled as native images, and made several contributions to the project.


The Oracle Cloud (OCI) Monitoring service, a health monitoring tool, now runs on GraalVM Enterprise in production. By using GraalVM, the Monitoring service reduced its garbage collection times by 25%, application pause times by 17%, and saw a 10% increase in throughput. The benefits of these improvements are being felt across the entire Oracle Cloud platform.


Odnoklassniki is a social network service for classmates and friends. To modernize their front-end Java application to provide a good user experience with poor Internet connections they added server-side React.js rendering. After comparing implementation options they choose GraalVM for its high performance multi-language support and ease of migration.


Goldman Sachs, a multinational investment bank, is reimplementing their in-house Slang programming language used for critical pricing and risk applications on GraalVM. They used the Truffle language implementation framework to modernize Slang while not breaking its complex dynamic type system, old C++ code base, and more than 150 million lines of often mission-critical code.


Integrating GPU-accelerated libraries into existing software stacks can be challenging, especially for applications written in high-level scripting languages. Built on the Truffle language implementation framework, grCUDA lets developers efficiently share data between GPUs and GraalVM languages (Python, R, Ruby, JavaScript) and launch GPU kernels.


GraalVM’s multi-language support allows Dutch Police data scientists and application developers to collaborate by running R from Scala in a microservice architecture. With GraalVM, data scientists can focus on building statistical analysis functions in R that the service development teams can expose via Spring Boot written in Scala and Java.

The GraalVM release has been downloaded by developers about 130,000 times to potentially improve their code and make life easier. Why don’t you?


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