High-performance JavaScript with GraalVM

Run JavaScript applications faster and more efficiently with GraalVM


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Latest JavaScript features

GraalVM is fully compatible with the ECMAScript 2021 specification
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High performance on the JVM

Run JavaScript faster using fewer resources
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Node.js support

Run Node.js apps and use packages in Java and other languages
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Interoperability with Java

Share data and code with other GraalVM languages like Java, Ruby, Python, LLVM, R, and others
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Easy upgrade from Nashorn

GraalVM supports all Nashorn features, improves performance, and includes all the latest ECMAScript features
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Advanced tools

JavaScript is supported by GraalVM tools including Insight, VisualVM, Chrome Debugger, VS Code extensions, and others

High Performance

GraalVM Community, GraalVM Enterprise, and V8 Benchmarks Comparison
JavaScript benchmarking

There are significant benefits with the GraalJS runtime environment and how that gives SuiteScript developers access to the most current ECMAScript features and syntax out of the box. Aligning SuiteScript with ECMAScript delivers enhanced developer productivity, more maintainable code and ensures ongoing conformance to an evolving standard.

Ashwin Krishnamurthy
Senior Product Manager, SuiteCloud Platform

Use Cases

Run JavaScript on GraalVM for optimal performance

JavaScript on GraalVM leverages the Graal compiler to provided unparalleled performance

JavaScript support for OpenJDK

Run GraalVM JavaScript on any OpenJDK distribution

Server-side rendering on the JVM

High performance server-side rendering for React.js and other client frameworks

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Embed JavaScript code in Java applications built with GraalVM Native Image


Java <> JavaScript Interoperability


public classExample1Context {
        public staticvoid main(String[] args) {
          System.out.println("[Java] Hello, Java!");
            try (Context context = Context.newBuilder("js").option("js.ecmascript-version", "2020").build()) {
              Value jsFunction = context.eval("js", "" + 
                "(function myJavaScriptFunction(parameter) {         \n" +
                "    console.log('[JS] Hello, ' + parameter + '!');  \n" +
                "    return parameter.toUpperCase();                 \n" +
                "})                                                  \n");

              Value result = jsFunction.execute("JavaScript");
              if (result.isString()) {
                System.out.println("[Java] result: " + result.asString());
              } else {
                System.out.println("[Java] unexpected result type returned from JavaScript");

Using Ruby in Node.js App on GraalVM

import// make sure to install the libraries first: `npm install http ansispan colors` 
public classconst http = require("http");
public classconst span = require("ansispan");
http.createServer(function (request, response) {
  response.writeHead(200, {"Content-Type": "text/html"});
  response.write(span("Hello Graal.js!< br/>".green));
  /start with `node --jvm --polyglot Example2Interop.js` to enable interop with Ruby:
  try {
    response.write("Ruby: " + Polyglot.eval("ruby", "[41,42,43]")[1] + "
} catch (ex) { // Polyglot.eval("ruby", ...) failed response.write("Ruby language not found
{ response.end("Request completed"); }).listen(8000, function() { console.log("Graal.js server at".red); }); /* to execute: $ npm install http ansispan colors $ node --jvm --polyglot Example2_Interop.js */

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