GraalVM is good for:

Accelerate application performance

Better Java application performance out of the box

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Lower infrastructure costs

Consume less memory and CPU, reducing your cloud computing costs with ahead-of-time compilation for Java microservices

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Better performance with no code changes

Run Java 8 and 11 applications with no code changes

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Equally excellent developer productivity

Fits in your workflow. Works with favorite IDEs, debuggers, and other Java tools

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Supported by industry-leading Java application frameworks

All the major microservice frameworks including Helidon, Micronaut, Quarkus, and Spring Boot embrace GraalVM

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Expanding the Java ecosystem

With GraalVM your Java applications can easily and safely use thousands of Node modules, Python libraries, and even C or C++ LLVM libraries

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“Being able to see 8–11 percent performance improvements on the same hardware without having to change the underlying code is a once-in-a-lifetime event, leading to substantial cost savings and future flexibility for Twitter.“


Chris Thalinger

Staff Software Engineer at Twitter

Relentless innovation

GraalVM was the best in 2019, it got even better in 2020, and it's not stopping. To learn more about the GraalVM JIT and how it improves performance of your Java applications, click here.

GraalVM Enterprise Keeps Java Applications Modern

Constellation Research discusses how GraalVM accelerates Java application performance and improves microservices deployment.

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On-demand webcast: New Innovations with Oracle GraalVM Enterprise 20.3

Learn about all the new innovations in the Oracle GraalVM Enterprise 20.3 release. Find out about new performance feature, capabilities, and IDE plugins and tools.

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