high performance

High Performance

GraalVM optimizes your workload accross language boundaries

interoperability with languages


Get access to multiple language ecosystems and tools out of the box

managed mode

Managed Execution

Reduce risks by running native extensions in a managed mode

Faster Python

On average, Python in GraalVM is 8.92x faster than CPython and 8.34x faster than Jython

python benchmarking

Benchmark running Python workload on GraalVM, normalized to CPython

Move from Jython to Modern Python

Move your Jython applications to GraalVM Python for high performance and modern language features, while preserving an easy interoperability with Java.

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python benchmarking

High performance Python on GraalVM Learn more →

python benchmarking

Numpy/pandas on GraalVM Learn more →

Making a Difference for Real-World Applications

Optimizing Machine Learning Performance at NetSuite

NetSuite provides a set of cloud-based business management services encompassing ERP, Financials, CRM, and e-commerce for more than 19,000 organizations. The NetSuite engineering team has been working on its next generation recommendation system and used GraalVM and grCUDA to build fast and highly accurate machine learning models within their existing Java application.

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