Run Programs Faster Anywhere

  1. Increase application throughput and reduce latency
  2. Compile applications into small self-contained native binaries
  3. Seamlessly use multiple languages and libraries

Specific Languages

Key Features

High Performance

Advanced optimizing compiler that generates fast lean code which requires fewer compute resources

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Ahead-of-Time Compilation

Native binaries start up instantly and deliver peak performance with no warm up time

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Language Choice

Leverage the best features and libraries of popular languages in a single app with no overhead

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Advanced Tools

Debug, monitor, profile, and optimize resource consumption in Java and across multiple languages

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GraalVM for Microservices

Microservices frameworks integrated with GraalVM

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  1. Open source GPL 2 license with classpath exception
  2. Includes support for Java 8, Java 11, JavaScript & Node.js, Ruby, R, Python, LLVM bitcode and more
  3. Support from committers and community members



  1. All Community features along with higher performance and enhanced security
  2. Additional ahead-of-time compilation optimizations
  3. 24/7/365 support from Oracle