This documentation is for the unreleased GraalVM version.Download Early Access Builds from GitHub.

Native Image Inspect Tool

Native Image provides the Inspect Tool to list all methods included in a native executable or a native shared library. Run the command $JAVA_HOME/bin/native-image-inspect <path_to_binary> to list classes, methods, fields, and constructors in the JSON format that validates against the JSON schema defined in native-image-inspect-schema-v0.2.0.json (only available in Oracle GraalVM).

The native-image builder, by default, includes metadata in the native executable which then enables the Inspect Tool to list the included methods.

The amount of data included is fairly minimal compared to the overall image size, however you can set the -H:-IncludeMethodsData option to disable the metadata emission. Images compiled with this option will not be able to be inspected by the tool.

Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) #

Native Image can embed a Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) at build time to detect any libraries that may be susceptible to known security vulnerabilities. Native Image provides the --enable-sbom option to embed an SBOM into a native executable (only available in Oracle GraalVM).

The tool is able to extract the compressed SBOM using an optional --sbom parameter accessible through $JAVA_HOME/bin/native-image-inspect --sbom <path_to_binary>.

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