GraalVM Language Compatibility

A key concern when evaluating a new runtime to execute your application is whether the runtime is functionally complete. We run a comprehensive set of language specification tests on each push to any of the GraalVM language repositories. Sometimes those test suites are incomplete, in which case we work with third parties to improve the overall ecosystem.

We also run regular tests against a subset of popular packages for each of the supported GraalVM languages. If you are interested in checking if your package is supported, use one of the two tools below. Specify the name of the module or package you are interested in, or drop in your package.json, Gemfile.lock, or other files containing the list of your dependencies.

Note that all the processing is done on the client-side in the browser, no information is sent to any servers.

We run tests on the modules from their respective repositories: PyPI and the standard library for Python, NPM for node modules, RubyGems for Ruby gems. We try to download the module and run its tests. If the tests pass, the compatibility checker will report the amount of passed tests for the module, for example “100.00% tests pass”. Please use the compatibility checker as the initial tool to check the compatibility and assess it further yourself. In general, unless the tests clearly fail, there is a good chance the module will run on GraalVM.

Quickly check if a Python package or standard library module, an NPM module, or a Ruby gem is compatible with GraalVM.

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