Frameworks Ready for Native Image

The following frameworks are ready to work with GraalVM Native Image. These frameworks also provide an out-of-the-box experience for many third-party libraries and frameworks. For more details on what they offer, please refer to their project launchers.

Libraries and Frameworks Tested with Native Image

The following table lists libraries and frameworks from the Java ecosystem that are tested with GraalVM Native Image. Each item in the list is annotated with a test level, as follows:

  • Tested (★★): The library or framework is continuously tested by its maintainers. (This is the best test level.)
  • Community-tested (★): The library or framework is continuously tested as part of the GraalVM Reachability Metadata Repository or some other community-driven project.

If you would like to add your library and framework to this list, open a pull request and add an entry to this file according to this schema.

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