GraalVM Community 22.2

Community supported open source build

Release notes

GraalVM Enterprise 22.2

Oracle 24x7 supported commercial build

Release notes

Compare Editions

Compare Editions
Scroll right to see details -> GraalVM Community GraalVM Enterprise
License GNU General Public License V2 with
the “Classpath” Exception
Oracle Technology Network (OTN) license
for dev/test;
Commercial license for production deployments
Base JDKs OpenJDK 11.0.16 and 17.0.4 Oracle JDK 8u341, 11.0.16 and 17.0.4
Support Community support via public channels Global 24x7 Enterprise support from Oracle
Speedup vs. OpenJDK on Renaissance Suite 1.04x 1.3x
Docker Container Images box box
Patented advanced compiler optimizations box
Compressed pointers for low memory usage
(Native Image)
Profile guided optimization for improved performance
(Native Image)
G1 garbage collection for low latency (Native Image) box

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