Annotation Interface GenerateWrapper.OutgoingConverter

Enclosing class:

@Retention(CLASS) @Target(METHOD) public static @interface GenerateWrapper.OutgoingConverter
Annotates a method to be used as outgoing value converter. The annotated method can be used to convert outgoing return values of instrumentable nodes to instruments. This may be used to convert internal non-interop capable values to interop values before instruments can access it. The outgoing converter can also be used to just return null to indicate that return value should be ignored from this wrapped node. The outgoing converter is only invoked if a wrapper is currently inserted.

The annotated method is used to convert an guest language value to a format that can be read by other guest languages and tools. The return type and the single parameter of the annotated method must be of type Object. There can only be a single method annotated with GenerateWrapper.OutgoingConverter per class annotated with GenerateWrapper.

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