Annotation Interface GenerateWrapper.IncomingConverter

Enclosing class:

@Retention(CLASS) @Target(METHOD) public static @interface GenerateWrapper.IncomingConverter
Annotates a method to be used as incoming value converter. The annotated method can be used to convert incoming values that were introduced by instruments. Instruments may introduce new values to the interpreter using the unwind feature. Introduced values are interop values. If the language only supports a subset of interop values or requires them to be wrapped then the incoming converter can be used to perform the necessary conversion. The incoming converter is only invoked if a wrapper is currently inserted.

The return type and the single parameter of the annotated method must be of type Object. The annotated method must have at least package-protected visibility. There can only be a single method annotated with GenerateWrapper.IncomingConverter per class annotated with GenerateWrapper.

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