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Installing Make and GCC

Since TruffleRuby 19.3.0, TruffleRuby ships with its own LLVM toolchain. Therefore, it is no longer necessary to install LLVM. If you are using an older version, see the documentation for that version.

The make utility as well as the dependencies of the toolchain still need to be available to build C and C++ extensions.

RedHat-based: Fedora, Oracle Linux, etc.

sudo dnf install make gcc

Debian-based: Ubuntu, etc.

sudo apt-get install make gcc

Mandriva-based and other Linux distributions

Note: Such distributions are not tested and not supported.

First, install the make and gcc dependencies.

Mandriva uses a not-yet-upstreamed patch to let clang find the GCC installation (see this comment). Therefore the internal LLVM toolchain cannot find the necessary libgcc_s by default. The proper fix is for those distributions to upstream their changes to LLVM.

A workaround is to create a symlink explicitly so that the LLVM toolchain can find libgcc_s:

cd /usr/lib/gcc
sudo ln -s x86_64-mandriva-linux-gnu x86_64-linux-gnu


On macOS, make sure you have installed the command line developer tools from Xcode:

xcode-select --install

You might need to add export SDKROOT=$(xcrun --show-sdk-path) in your shell profile.