Class InlineSupport.InlineTarget

Enclosing class:

public static final class InlineSupport.InlineTarget extends Object
An inline targert for an inlinable node. This is used as first parameter of an inline method. The inline method is used by generated Truffle DSL code as well as manually written inlinable nodes. Usage example:
 public static InlinedCountingConditionProfile inline(
                 @RequiredField(value = StateField.class, bits = 7) //
                 @RequiredField(value = PrimitiveIntField.class) //
                 @RequiredField(value = ReferenceField.class, type = String.class) InlineTarget target) {
     StateField state = target.getState(0, 7);
     PrimitiveIntField primitive = target.getPrimitive(1, PrimitiveIntField.class);
     ReferenceField reference = target.getReference(2, String.class);

     // pass fields on to inline node