Annotation Interface GenerateUncached

@Retention(CLASS) @Target(TYPE) public @interface GenerateUncached
Generates an uncached version of a node with specializations. Uncached versions of nodes don't specialize and don't use any profiling state. This allows to store them statically and to use them whenever no specialization/profiling is desired. The uncached version of the node is accessible using a static method called getUncached() on the generated node. GenerateUncached is inherited to subclasses if inherit() is set to true (default false).

The generated code for the uncached version is based on the specialization closure. The specialization closure only includes specializations that were are not replaced by others. This, for example, automatically excludes inline caches from the closure. Uses of the Cached annotation will automatically use getUncached instead of a cached version to initialize the cache.

A node subclass must fullfill the following requirements in order to be uncachable:

  • At least one specialization and one execute method must be specified.
  • The node has no instance fields.
  • All Cached parameters provide valid uncached initializers.
  • All specializations of the closure must not use rewriteOn attribute.
  • All guards/cache/limit expressions must not bind the node receiver.
If any of these requirements are violated then an error will be shown. If node uses the NodeChild or NodeField annotations then they will return constant null or the primitive equivalent for the uncached node.


 abstract static class UncachableNode extends Node {

     abstract Object execute(Object arg);

     @Specialization(guards = "v == cachedV")
     static Object doCached(int v, @Cached("v") int cachedV) {
         // do cached

     @Specialization(replaces = "doCached")
     static String doGeneric(int v) {
         // do uncached

This node produces the following uncached version of the execute method:
 Object execute(Object arg0Value) {
     if (arg0Value instanceof Integer) {
         int arg0Value_ = (int) arg0Value;
         return UncachableNode.doGeneric(arg0Value_);
     throw new UnsupportedSpecializationException(this, new Node[]{null}, arg0Value);
See Also:
  • Optional Element Summary

    Optional Elements
    Modifier and Type
    Optional Element
    Inherits the semantics of the annotation to subclasses.
    If true enables the generation of an uncached version of this specializing node.
  • Element Details

    • value

      boolean value
      If true enables the generation of an uncached version of this specializing node. It is disabled by default.
    • inherit

      boolean inherit
      Inherits the semantics of the annotation to subclasses.