This documentation is for the unreleased GraalVM version.Download Early Access Builds from GitHub.

Merging Profiles from Multiple Sources

The PGO infrastructure enables you to combine multiple profiles into a single one using the Native Image Configure Tool. Merging profiles implies that the resulting profile will contain the union of all types, methods, and profile entries from the provided profiles.

Usage #

To merge two profiles, profile_1.iprof and profile_2.iprof, into a single file named output_profile.iprof, use the following command:

native-image-configure merge-pgo-profiles --input-file=profile_1.iprof --input-file=profile_2.iprof --output-file=output_profile.iprof

There is also a way to specify a directory as a source of profiles using the --input-dir=<path> option. Then it only searches for profiles in the given directory, excluding subdirectories.

native-image-configure merge-pgo-profiles --input-dir=my_profiles/ --output-file=output_profile.iprof

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