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GraalVM Extension Pack for Java

GraalVM Extension Pack for Java is a collection of extensions that helps you write, debug and test Java applications running on GraalVM, either standalone or using the Micronaut framework. GraalVM Extension Pack for Java bundles GraalVM Tools for Java, GraalVM Tools for Micronaut, and Apache NetBeans Language Server extensions.

This extension pack provides features for the Java application development and the Micronaut framework, listed below.

Java Development Support

  1. Full-fledged Java development (edit-compile-debug and test cycle) for Maven and Gradle projects
  2. The GraalVM runtime with both just-in-time and ahead-of-time compilers
  3. Building native executables of Java applications with GraalVM Native Image and debugging native processes
  4. Support for Java 8 up to the latest Java releases
  5. JUnit and TestNG test frameworks support
  6. Integration with VisualVM

Micronaut Framework Support

  1. Integration with the Micronaut project wizard
  2. Micronaut Run Continuos Mode support
  3. Micronaut configuration files (YAML) code navigation support
  4. Compiling Micronaut projects into native executables with GraalVM Native Image
  5. Kubernetes support
  6. Database explorer


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