Contributing to Native Image

GraalVM is an open source project, so is Substrate VM - the codename for the Native Image technology. We welcome contributors to the core!

There are two common ways to contribute:

If you want to contribute changes to Native Image core, you must adhere to the project’s standards of quality. For more information, see Native Image Code Style.

There are some expert level options that a Native Image developer may find useful or needed, for example, the option to dump graphs of the native-image builder or enable assertions at image run time. This information can be found in Native Image Hosted and Runtime Options.

Finally, if you would like to ensure complete compatibility of your library with Native Image, consider contributing your library metadata to the GraalVM Reachability Metadata Repository. Follow contributing rules for this repository. Using this open source repository, users can share the burden of maintaining metadata for third-party dependencies.

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