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Visual Studio Code Extensions

The GraalVM team provides extensions for Visual Studio Code (VS Code) to help improve developer productivity. The extensions make VS Code a comfortable and convenient integrated development environment for GraalVM developers.

The following extensions are available for download from the VS Code Marketplace:

  • GraalVM Tools for Java provides full Java development and debugging capabilities and includes the GraalVM runtime with both just-in-time and ahead-of-time compilers. Besides Java, this extension enables a polyglot environment in VS Code and offers full editing and debugging capabilities for JavaScript and Node.js, Python, R, and Ruby languages. The extension provides a wizard to install GraalVM and help simplify configuring the development environment. Get the extension from Visual Studio Code Marketplace.

  • GraalVM Tools for Micronaut provides full support for developing applications based on the Micronaut framework. You can create Micronaut projects, run and debug them directly from VS Code with different debugging protocols. The extension also enables the Micronaut Launch application that allows you to create a new project through an interface inside VS Code. The extension is integrated with GraalVM Native Image. You can generate native executables directly from VS Code, and deploy them to a Docker Registry. Get the extension from Visual Studio Code Marketplace.

  • GraalVM Extension Pack for Java is a collection of extensions that helps users write, debug and test Java, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, R and polyglot applications running on GraalVM, either standalone or using the Micronaut framework. GraalVM Extension Pack for Java bundles GraalVM Tools for Java, GraalVM Tools for Micronaut, and Apache NetBeans Language Server extensions. Get the extension pack from Visual Studio Code Marketplace.