GraalVM Video Collection

Everything you need to know about Micronaut 3.0

In this video Graeme Rocher talks about what's new in Micronaut 3.0. This release features the removal of a default reactive streams implementation, a change in annotation inheritance and HTTP compile-time validation.

Faster Microservices with Micronaut, Kafka, and GraalVM Enterprise

In this webcast learn how to: create microservices with Micronaut to implement a message-based architecture; use Kafka and Oracle Cloud Streaming to decouple microservices for more flexibility; and use GraalVM JIT and Native Image (ahead-of-time compilation) to speed up performance, improve startup times, and reduce data streaming operational cost.

GraalVM 21.2 Unboxing Stream

Learn what's new in GraalVM 21.2!🚀

GraalVM Multi-tier Compilation

In this Twitch session we discuss the performance benefits for multi-tier compilation in GraalVM languages implementations such as Graal.js, TruffleRuby and Java on Truffle. We take a brief look-under-the-hood to understand how the multi-tier mode works.

Building Cloud Native Applications with Micronaut and GraalVM (part II)

Watch the continuation about how to build cloud-native Java applications together with with Venkat Subramaniam, Graeme Rocher, and Oleg Šelajev!

Building Cloud Native Applications with Micronaut and GraalVM (part I)

Learn how to build cloud-native Java applications together with Venkat Subramaniam, Graeme Rocher, and Oleg Šelajev!

Using Python from Java with GraalVM

Learn how to use Python from Java with GraalVM with Tim Felgentreff and Thomas Wuerthinger

Taming Class Initialization in GraalVM Native Image

This stream will explain the taming class initialization in GraalVM Native Image. Speakers: Christian Wimmer, Vojin Jovanovic and Thomas Wuerthinger.

The making of a fast server-side JavaScript runtime with Paulo Lopes

In this session with Paulo Lopes we talk about the general ideas behind Es4x, its performance results. We also look at some demos, discuss what benefits and hindrances dependency on the JVM mean, and where to look for more information.

Talking about Java and GraalVM with Ted Neward

In this video, joined by a unique guest, Ted Neward, we discuss Java and GraalVM, what is the current state of Java ecosystem, what are the challenges, what are the typical problems projects stumble on, potential ways to solve these, and how modern technology can help on the way.

To ECMAScript 2021 & beyond with GraalVM

In this episode Christian Wirth, the lead of GraalVM's JavaScript development, explains why this implementation is convenient, fast, compatible with the enourmous JavaScript ecosystem, and how it meets modern ECMAScript standards.

JavaFX is eating the world!

Watch Johan Vos implementing a mobile app with JavaFX, converting it into a native binary using Gluon Substrate on GraalVM Native Image. Note the fast startup, and the small heapsize.

GraalVM 21.1 Unboxing

GraalVM 21.1 adds initial JDK 16 support along with a ton of other new features and enhancements. Oleg Šelajev and Thomas Wuerthinger walk through the highlights.

Exploring How to Use Idiomatic JavaScript in Java Applications with GraalVM

This is an episode of GraalVM Streaming Week with Daniele Bonetta, who works on GraalVM JavaScript engine. Whether you are migrating from Nashort or just looking to use JavaScript libraries in your Java application, this session is a good starting point to get acquainted with GraaVM capabilities for JavaScript.

Exploring Helidon for Java microservices

In this video Dmitry Alexandrov from the Helidon team explains the basics of this Java framework, how to start using it for microservices, the necessary details about the project - compatibility with the Microprofile spec, inclusion of full CDI implementations, the reactive database driver wrapping the JDBC one to offer async execution, the reactive WebClient and how to get started with it.

Micronaut Introspection and Records

In this episode of learning the details of the Micronaut framework, Graeme Rocher talks about Java bean introspection facilities available in Micronaut, and how they work for normal Java objects and Records added in JDK 16.

Looking at the GraalVM compiler

During this stream you will learn how to build a GraalVM distribution from the sources. Doug Simon, the GraalVM compiler team lead, explains how to load the GraalVM project into the IDE, and the main classes one could look at to have the first basic understanding that the compiler is doing.

Fun with TruffleSqueak on GraalVM

In this video, Fabio Niephaus and Thomas Wuerthinger demonstrate how to run TruffleSqueak on GraalVM including language interoperability with Python, Ruby, R, and Java. A lot of the research behind Truffle polyglot is based on Smalltalk concepts.

Looking at method interceptors in Micronaut & Java 16

In this video Graeme Rocher explains things about method interceptors in Micronaut, how to handle custom annotations with it. The stream finishes with the discussion about the new JDK 16 release, and which features will probably have impact on Micronaut.

Advanced Configuration and Diagnostics for GraalVM Native Images

Learn from this video recording how easy it is to use GraalVM Native Image, and how to configure the builder, or where to start diagnosing if you hit a build failure. We share some useful tricks to make the configuration process and your transition from just-in-time to ahead-of time execution as smooth as possible.

Micronaut applications in Kubernetes

In this video Pavol Gressa looks at Micronaut applications in Kubernetes. He walks through the process of packaging a Micronaut app into a Docker container and pushing that to a container registry. Then you will learn how to use Dekorate to produce _kubernetes.yml_ based on the annotations in the Java code.

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