Known Issues #

  • GraalVM distributions based on Oracle JDK 16 and OpenJDK 16 are currently under development and provided for evaluation and testing purposes. These distributions include the GraalVM compiler, the GraalVM Updater tool, the JavaScript runtime, and development tools (e.g., Chrome inspector based debugger, Profiler, etc.). The core installation can be extended with Native Image, Node.js, GraalVM LLVM toolchain support, and the R runtime. However, several limitations remain when using Native Image with this distribution:
    • Limited support for default Proxy methods which can result in unexpected method: proxyClassLookup at image build time. See JDK-8159746.
    • Using lambda expressions in classes that are initialized at run time will result in Unknown JvmConstant tag 17. See #3310.
    • JFR support is not available.
  • On GraalVM 20.3, language REPLs that migrated to JLine 3 will crash on startup when launched in the rxvt terminal emulator. It is a known bug in JLine that has already been fixed in the most recent version 3.15. Please consider upgrading JLine.

  • With macOS 10.15, Apple introduced new requirements for software notarization. The GraalVM distribution is not currently notarized and will be quarantined by default. To install GraalVM, you will need to run the following command to remove from quarantine:
    sudo xattr -r -d /path/to/GRAALVM_HOME
  • Due do the issue with the underlying platform Java Mission control freezes at startup on macOS. Because of that we removed the jmc utility from the distribution. For more information and workarounds please see the JMC known issues page.

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