The purpose of this page is to provide GraalVM community with quality images and usage guidance for events, social media, online content, and other possible use cases. All open source logos stewarded by Oracle should follow the same systematic branding principles.

We welcome and encourage GraalVM users to download and use our official logo files, available in PNG, EPS or SVG formats.

Use the logo you need as displayed on the website. You may scale it to fit your placement, but please avoid changing colors, design, or altering the graphics in any way. While placing the logo on dark backgrounds, please use the version with white background.

Color Scheme #

The official color palette for open source community logo is comprised of OSC Blue and OSC Orange.

Typeface #

If you want to follow GraalVM logo typeface in your slides or banner design, the typeface you are looking for is Sun Sans SemiBold.

If you have some questions or requests regarding GraalVM branding, please reach us via this email.

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