GraalVM glossary #

This page gives you a short list of words that might need additional explanations.

Polyglot API – the API to embed and run code from guest languages in JVM-based host applications.

FastR – the GraalVM implementation of R compatible with GNU R.

GraalVM Compiler – the just-in-time compiler for Java bytecode and managed languages implemented with Truffle Framework.

GraalVM – a high performance embeddable polyglot virtual machine. When we talk about GraalVM it typically either refers to the whole project or to the virtual machine running your applications.

GraalVM JavaScript – JavaScript engine and Node.js implementation on GraalVM.

SimpleLanguage – a demonstration language built using the Truffle API, demonstrates most of the available Truffle features and documents their use with inline source documentation.

Native Image – the native virtual machine written in Java that is used when creating native images of your applications.

LLVM Runtime – the LLVM bitcode interpreter built on the GraalVM; it allows one to execute native applications with GraalVM and is used as a mechanism to run native extensions for GraalVM languages like JavaScript or Ruby.

Truffle Framework – a Language Implementation Framework. Truffle Framework provides APIs to create abstract syntax trees (AST) for the semantics of your language. The GraalVM Compiler understands the Truffle trees and is able to optimize them very well.

Language API – the API for building interpreters of managed languages.

TruffleRuby – an implementation of the Ruby programming language on top of GraalVM.