GraalVM reference manual

Reference manual describes everything there is to know about GraalVM, its architecture, implementation details, command line utilities’ options, compatibility with the default VMs for the supported languages and so on.

Pick your favourite programming language and proceed to its page:

If you want to see whether GraalVM would work for your project, the first step is to ensure the libraries and modules you use as dependencies work with GraalVM. To do it, please use the GraalVM Language Compatibility tool.

To learn how to write polyglot applications and pass polyglot command line arguments see the polyglot reference page.

For information on compiling your applications ahead-of-time and creating native images with GraalVM please refer to the ahead of time compilation page.

There is also a glossary of terms GraalVM uses and the code names of GraalVM components.

More information on Graal updater, the utility used to install language packs into the GraalVM distribution, for example Ruby, R, or Python, can be found on the Graal updater page.