Maximizing Performance with GraalVM

Making Java applications faster with GraalVM
This video shows how one can optimize for different performance aspects, such as peak performance, startup time or memory footprint with GraalVM.

Everything You Need to Know about GraalVM

A deep dive into GraalVM’s components and capabilities of
Learn how to run Java applications with GraalVM, create native images, run dynamic languages and make them work with existing Java code base.

GraalVM Native Images: The Best Startup Solution for Your Applications

Otimize startup time and memory requirements of Java applications
In this session you will learn how compile your Java applications to GraalVM native images, see several examples of compiling programs ahead-of-time and packaging them into minimal containers.

GraalVM in Practice at the Dutch National Police

Learn how GraalVM was used to digitize the paperwork and apply data science
In this session Nathan Perdijk talks about how GraalVM was brought into practice at the Dutch National Police by integrating R code into a Spring Boot application written in Java and Scala.

Optimizing the Performance of Machine Learning at NetSuite

Using GraalVM, Python and grCUDA to build a ML-driven recommendation system
Learn how you can easily integrate your favorite Python ML library into an enterprise Java application, or even take advantage of GPU acceleration for model training, while barely changing your application stack.

Running Spring Boot Applications as GraalVM Native Images

Discover how you can achieve fast startup and low memory footprint for Spring Boot apps
In this talk Sébastien Deleuze shares updates on the ongoing work performed by the Spring team to allow running Spring Boot applications as GraalVM native images for instant startup and low memory consumption.

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