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Truffle Tutorial: Background

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Package Description

Truffle Tutorial: Background

Truffle is an Open Source library for building programming language implementations as interpreters for self-modifying Abstract Syntax Trees. Together with the Open Source Graal compiler, Truffle represents a significant step forward in programming language implementation technology in the current era of dynamic languages.

A growing body of shared implementation code and services reduces language implementation effort significantly, but leads to extremely competitive runtime performance that matches or exceeds the competition. The value of the platform is further increased by support for low-overhead language interoperation, as well as a general instrumentation framework that supports multi-language debugging and other external developer tools.

Open Source Truffle implementations of both R and Ruby demonstrate excellent performance, and Sulong supports Truffle implementations of all LLVM-based languages.

Truffle is part of the Graal Project, developed and maintained by Oracle Labs and the Institute for System Software of the Johannes Kepler University Linz.

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